CSJ November 2019 Updates

CSJ November Meeting

Saturday, Nov. 17 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. Buzzmill (1505 Town Creek Dr, Austin, TX 78741) CSJ is planning an event in 2019 that will educate the community on counseling diverse populations. If you know of a great speaker, would like to volunteer at the event, or just want to know what we’re all about, please email csjtxst@gmail.com or join us at our November meeting. All are welcome.

Community Events

Black Bodies film at Lost River Film Fest – Sunday, November 4 at 10 a.m (San Marcos). More info here.

Equality University – Friday, November 10 (San Marcos). RSVP here by the end of the day.

ACLU Austin Volunteer Advocacy Training – Saturday, Nov. 17 at noon (Austin). RSVP here.

Social Justice in the News

The Trump Administration considers narrow definition of gender to be sex defined at birthThe New York Times: In addition to invalidating the identity of trans folk, this policy could have other devastating effects on the transgender community, including decreased access to healthcare and increased transprejudice and violence.

Trump considering plan to ban entry of migrants at southern border, deny asylumThe Texas Tribune: Similar to 2017’s ban on migrants from majority-Muslim countries, this ban would send troops to and close our southern border. This policy would be detrimental to those who travel so far to seek asylum. This racist policy would undermine the rights of all humans to safety, no matter where they were born. Last week, extremists terrorized our country. Rather than saying their names, let’s remember the victims whose lives were taken too soon and show our support for their families. This hatred has no place in our country. If you are able, donate to the Tree of Life Synagogue here and the family of Vickie Jones here.

Eleven dead, six wounded in massacre at Squirrel Hill synagoguePittsburgh Post-Gazette: Saturday’s shooting is said to be the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in American history. The Anti-Defamation League says that this attack comes after elevated incidents of anti-Semitism and online harassment. Learn more about the victims here.

Kroger Shooting Suspect Tried to Enter Black Church Before Killing 2, Police SayThe New York Times: Last Wednesday, a white supremacist attempted to enter a Black church in Kentucky and then killed two black shoppers at a Kroger, Vickie Lee Jones and Maurice Eugene Stallard.

Recommended Reading, Listening, & Watching

Do you have feedback or any podcasts, articles, videos, or books you’d like to recommend that we share? Email Anna Whitney at amw240@txstate.edu. Follow CSJ on Twitter @txstcsj and Instagram @txstcsj.

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